Sunday, 2 September 2012

More typography wordplay

Here is the latest designs. Only a few but this is what I have done today.
Sweet - Using Palace Script MT font, I curved the word to give it a softer feel, then played with the filters and found the ‘grain’ texture. I then changed the intensity and contrast. I used pink as it is a softer, sweeter colour.

Smart - For this one I used Rosewood font. I like how it uses dark and light tones and also a pattern. I sharpened the edges and added a water paper filter to give the shadowed area a bit of texture. I also used grey because it reminds me of smart suits.

Stiff - I decided to put these letters on top of each other. I used a dark, plain colour and the stencil font. This made me think of stamps and boxes and how these sorts of text can’t be moved. I added a rough pastels filter to add a bit of that look stencilled writing has - it always smudges a bit.

Swagger - I used Curlz MT as I liked the swirly sort of shape of the letters. I warped it using the ’fisheye’ style. I wanted the two ’g’s to look closer than the rest, almost like they were looking at you. I used the skew tool to change the angle slightly. I used the graphic pen filter and then facet on top to get the strange looking texture. I quite like it. It’s different.

Shy -
I have left this one quite plain on purpose. It’s pale yellow in Edwardian Script and in the corner. Hardly noticeable…

Safe - This is in OCR A std and a light green. (Green has a calming effect and makes people feel safe.) I tried different filters and changing the text but it didn’t look right so I went back to the beginning with this one.

Well that's it for now. Will add more tomorrow - hopefully...

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